Home Birth Story: Two Home Births

Well, I’ve read a few of the other stories posted here and I’m afraid that I’m not as eloquent a writer as the others, but I will attempt to summarize my experience. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful children, son almost 5 and daughter almost 2, both homebirthed with midwives in two different states.

When I was pregnant with our son, I was working full-time and my boss had just had a baby the year before. She of course had an epidural and was then subsequently “forced” into a c-section because of fetal distress. From the moment that I knew that I was pregnant, I didn’t want to end up with her type of experience, especially being forced down a path of intervention that the mother has no control over. She of course was happy with her experience and even ended up with a second child a few years later with a planned c-section. But I knew that it was not the right plan for me. I was not aware of the options and stressing over it once day when my dearest friend and second mother told me that a home birth was possible with the midwife that her daughter-in-law had. I was instantly intrigued and had to learn more.

I did some research and contacted the midwife. I met her at her office which was more like a home inside. It was softly lit with furniture (futon) and pillows instead of an exam table. I was instantly hooked. She explained more of herself and what she does and assured me that I could think about it more and get back to her if I chose her. I told her immediately that I didn’t need to think about it more, I would never chose a hospital birth over her in a million years!

Well, that’s how it began. All throughout the pregnancy, the midwife was wonderful. The birth was more painful that I had anticipated, but I chose to surround myself with girlfriends that loved me to massage my lower back through contractions. My husband was behind me also, although reluctant to participate, he was gently encouraged by everyone there to share a role. (He was afraid of blood and all things womanly, which is quite funny coming from such a strong manly man). Our son was born perfect in a most awesome way. I will never forget the women that were a part of my most momentous life changing time.

The pregnancy and birth of our daughter occurred 3 years later in a new state and home 2,000 miles away from where we had our established life. After having such a wonderful homebirth, I could never think of doing anything but that again. Since I didn’t know anyone that had a midwife here, I searched online the website for the Wisconsin Guild of Midwives. From there, I picked a few that I intended on contacting.

But then, I got a call from an old friend that was pregnant with her second and didn’t want a hospital birth again. So I gave the names of the midwives that I was thinking of for myself to her. She found a midwife that wonderful. I met her also and so began another chapter in my life.

This pregnancy was different, yet in some ways better since I was not quite so unsure of everything. When things happened, I wasn’t so surprised. This time, I was not working full-time and was better able to get more rest and take care of myself, even though I had an active and energetic toddler that demanded attention.

We napped together and went to the bathroom to pee together, (he was potty-trained that summer, since I had to pee a lot, it was only natural to remind him to go too). The birth was different from the first, yet had similarities. I had back labor again and relied on the massaging hands of my sister. I wanted our son to be part of the birth, but our daughter chose to be born around midnight and I felt it was more important for our son to get to sleep a full night.

Our daughter was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, just like our son was also. But that didn’t affect them. Both nursed within a hour of birth and continued nursing for over 14 months.

I breastfed because I knew that it was the best thing to do. It was the way our Creator designed us to do, why would I purposely go against it? I didn’t pre-determine the length of time that I was going to nurse them. I took one day at a time. With both, I had cracked and bleeding nipples followed by mastitis, one form with the first and the other form with the second.

I wouldn’t trade it with formula for any reason. I just kept going, knowing that I was going to get better and it did. Then breastfeeding became the best time that I had with my babies.

We are not currently planning on a third child, but if that happens, I would without question, have a homebirth, for my health and my baby’s.


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