This flies in the face of the government’s commitment to bring services closer to home and to offer women choice about where they give birth.
“Many women without complications in their pregnancy could give birth at home and we need to see maternity services recognising this and putting resources into making it happen. There are many examples across the UK where it is being done very successfully, if the will is there and the midwives have the support of the people holding the purse strings.
“The drop since the late 1950s is staggering and we need to see that trend reversed and start moving back towards the home birth numbers seen then.

I asked my partner to get into the pool with me as I could feel the baby pushing to get out. In between contractions I told him to get her as she came out.

I swear she swam like a frog as she popped out and came up to the surface. I was exhausted and for about 10 minutes or so the three of us floated on the side of the pool with baby asleep on my chest until the midwife arrived.

It remains the most incredible and intimate moment of my life and I don’t regret for a moment that we chose to have her in the comfort of our own home.

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I am the second oldest of 10 biological children born at home and, as the article pointed out, am in a category represented by only 2 percent of the population.

My 105-pound, beautiful, active, incredibly healthy mother wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves the comfort and privacy that a home birth allows.

Many are quick to point out that it is irresponsible and dangerous to choose home birth. I assert that in the majority of cases, this is not true. Birth is not a medical process.

If you’re newly pregnant, chances are you have never heard the truth about why homebirth is a safer choice for low-risk pregnancies. And if you’re not newly pregnant, it is never to late to consider your options and give birth to your baby at home.

“The first intervention in natural childbirth is the one that a healthy woman does herself when she walks out the front door of her own home in labour.”

I trust birth. Birth is inherently safe. Messing with it in any way compromises safety. It is an innate biological capability for most women to grow a baby and then EJECT a baby with no help from anyone. Midwives are NOT the guardians of normal birth. Birth is normal with or without midwives. But what midwives should be doing is acting as the guardian of the mother and baby’s space, so they can do what they were made to do. Most women want that—but some don’t. They just want to be in their own little world with no intrusion. That doesn’t mean that birth is any less safe.

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In many countries it is believed that the safest option for all women is to give birth in hospital. However, observational studies of increasingly better quality and in different settings suggest that planned home birth in many places can be as safe as planned hospital birth and with less intervention and fewer complications.

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